About Us

FCLights Display is run by two brothers - Lucas and Jacob. Their interest in light show displays began at an early age as they went around different neighborhoods to watch light shows with their parents. They started out with having a small incandescent light setup in their yard for the holidays and eventually moved on to having pixel displays which includes mega trees, arches and snow flakes. Early inspirations came from some of the originals in light show displays - Richard Holdman and Jeff Trykoski. The inspiration for pixel displays has come from several well known names in the community such as Listen To Our Lights and Tom BetGeorge. Lucas and Jacob has been doing custom light sequences since 2020 and have a lot of happy customers. Last year they started working on setting up this website where they could offer semi-custom sequences at a fair price. All sequences are downloaded immediately after purchase and the songs can be downloaded from Amazon. Links are provided.